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Rising musician found solace in music

BUDDING afro-fusion hip-hop artiste Tadiwanashe Tobve, whose stage name is Kee Wave, says music helped him manoeuvre daily struggles. The 20-year-old, who hails from Budiriro, told NewsDay Life & Style that he was a victim of bullying in secondary school and as an emotional person he ventured into music during the COVID-19 pandemic to offload the baggage from school from his mind.

“I started making music back in 2020 during lockdown. Initially, I had an interest in making beats. However, music also helped me to overcome my daily situations and struggles for example, I was bullied emotionally and physically throughout my secondary school years from 2017 up to 2020, so making melodies helped to take things off my mind,” he said.

Tobve said he was emotionally abused at school by his peers for coming from a family that was not well up. Therefore, he sings his emotions out when a lot is going on in his mind.

“I usually sing emotional songs because I am a very emotional person and a lot happens in my mind. Some of my peers at my former school came from rich families so they put me under pressure judging me based on my background and parents. They would even make fun of the car my parents drove,” he added.

The artiste released an extended play titled Healing last month comprising songs like Zvandiri which is an emotional song coupled with Suicidal thoughts, Burdens of life, Temptations and Cry out to angels to relieve him of pain, Ehe about a lone person in tough situations calling out to God to help him and Ndiwe which is a love song, among others.

Source | NewsDay


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