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MISSING USD25MILLION: Qoki Directors Hit Sithule Tshuma With Mass Resignations| Karen Kumalo

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Two directors of the notorious Qoki Zindlovukazi Investment PVT Ltd, Karen Kumalo and Walter Motsi, have resigned from their positions amidst the revelation of serious fraudulent activities across all Qoki projects.

Kumalo, a founding director who held her position since 2018, submitted her resignation alongside Motsi on November 20, 2023, as confirmed by the Zimbabwe company house. Motsi, in addition to his role at Qoki, stepped down from his position as a Principal Secretary.

Wild party girl… Karen Kumalo has resigned

This development contradicts the recent 8th December 2023 interview of Tshuma with Zenzele Ndebele of the Centre for Innovation and Technology. During the interview, both Kumalo and Motsi were affirmed by Ndebele and Tshuma as two of the five Qoki directors.

As investigations into the alleged fraudulent activities deepen, more details are emerging. Notably, Sithule Tshuma, also known as Gabhadiya, is under scrutiny for her deceptive behavior and disrespectful attitude. In a recent Facebook post,

Original directorship of the notorious Qoki scam
Tshuma mocked the ongoing investigations, posting, “Just a friendly reminder Magents, we owe women a lot of money.” Tshuma’s actions continue to be closely examined as the unfolding scandal rattles the foundations of Qoki Zindlovukazi Investment PVT Ltd.

Source: Zim eye


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