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Prosecutor-General’s brother Moses Matanda booted out of NRTV after alleged fall out with new board

Harare| NRTV general manager and revered filmmaker Moses Matanda has been booted out of office following an alleged clash with the reconstituted board,Express Mail Zim has learned.

The Chinhoyi 7 movie director is the biological brother of the new prosecutor general, Loice Matanda-Moyo, who is the widow of the late SB Moyo.

He has a decorated track record in film and broadcasting, but sources say he fell out with the reconstituted board as they shared different visions on growth projection.

“Matanda shared his vision with the reconstituted board, which added more members.

“His growth trajectory concept was different from the new board members, and he had to bite the dust.

“People flew rumours that he was involved in an advertising scam, but that is a fallacy. He had a great vision for the station, but some board members were not agreeable and had cake ideas,” said our source.

When contacted for comment, Matanda confirmed his exit in October but refuted claims that he had a fallout with the board.

“I do not want to comment more on this issue, but I can tell you that I have been in very good books with the board since the station’s inception,” he said.

NRTV was awarded a free-to-air licence by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe in November 2020.

It is owned by Rusununguko Media (Pvt) Ltd., which is said to be linked to the Zimbabwe National Army.

Veteran broadcaster Tich Mataz also had a short stint and had a messy exit at the station in the same fashion he left Star FM.

Tich Mataz also had a nasty exit at NRTV
Such is not new to Mataz, who was a millionaire at 25, boasting of an uptown club and a fleet of more than 20 cars.

He fell from grace to grass after his deportation from South Africa amid allegations of generating fake immigration papers, an allegation he dismissed and described as a xenophobic move.

The fast-life ‘hangover’ has seen him venturing into any money, venturing avenues (legal or otherwise), including a dramatic attempt to evade paying duty at Robert Mugabe International Airport, where he traded the microphone with sprinting shoes literally bolted like Usain Bolt, running away from immigration officials, but age got the better of him and he was apprehended by the youthful officials.

The talented broadcaster and Ruzawi College alumni also had a brush with the law when he acted in connivance with equally controversial opportunist and quasi-businessman Acie Lumumba to prejudice Star FM’s advertising revenue.

In pursuit of money, he has also worked with a local prophet and former ZBC and dancehall music fanatic Pastor Sanyangore, who claimed that he had ability to walk on water and made a well choreographed demonstration at a swimming pool in Glen Lorne.

SOURCE: Express Mail Zim


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