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Prophet Magaya’s RAPE Cases Still Ongoing

The Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) remains committed to pursuing the case involving allegations of sexual abuse against PHD Ministries leader, Walter Magaya, despite some witnesses showing reluctance to testify. In 2019, ZGC called upon victims to step forward and participate in its investigations following numerous complaints against the religious leader.

According to ZGC’s directive, individuals who have experienced or witnessed acts of sexual abuse by the prophet were urged to provide the commission with written complaints, witness statements, and any other relevant documents or evidence to support the investigation. Subsequent oral hearings were scheduled to take place.

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Virginia Muwanigwa, the CEO of ZGC, affirmed that the commission is actively continuing its investigation into the case. She stated, “The case remains ongoing and open,” acknowledging that certain witnesses have been hesitant to come forward.

Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe, chairperson of ZGC, echoed Muwanigwa’s sentiments, expressing a desire for more women to step forward as investigations progress. Despite numerous claims circulating on social media, Mukahanana-Sangarwe noted a lack of follow-through from potential witnesses and expressed uncertainty about the reasons behind their reluctance to come forward.

Are there additional parties involved in the Magaya rape accusations, given the recent retractions by the alleged “victims”?
The recent retractions by the alleged “victims” in the Magaya rape accusations raise questions about potential involvement of additional parties in the situation. These retractions suggest a shift in the narrative and cast doubt on the initial allegations. It’s possible that external factors or influences may have played a role in prompting the retractions, prompting speculation about the existence of a “third force” influencing the situation. Further investigation is needed to uncover the truth behind these developments and determine the extent of any external involvement.



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