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Peter Moyo Appeals To Wicknell Chivayo For Alick Macheso’s Car Gift

Peter Moyo Appeals To Wicknell Chivayo For Alick Macheso’s Car Gift

Taking to Facebook, Peter Moyo emphasized Alick Macheso’s substantial contributions to the Zimbabwean music industry.

Highlighting Macheso’s performances at major events, Moyo expressed the belief that regardless of Macheso’s personal preference, Chivayo should generously present him with a new car as a token of appreciation.

Moyo stressed the importance of honoring Macheso’s significant impact on the music sector by acknowledging his contributions.

“Zim Dance it’s a Win we Salute
Sir Wicknell Chivhayo tipeiwo mukana isu veSungura to post such a pic mapawo Sir Alick Macheso wetha vakuida or not takungoti vapeiwo chete. Mukuru vakaita zvihombe ava for this country. Jinda rakaridza kuma Gala tichiti pwere nhasi tichiri naro mumutambo mmmm. Vapei maruva vachiri vapenyu, Dai baba vanhu Tongai Moyo varipo maindiguta imi but ayiwa Sir Alick Macheso vapei maruva,” he noted.
Meanwhile, Wicknell Chivayo has been graciously gifting several artists with brand new vehicles over the past month.

In recent events, Chivhayo has been notably generous, purchasing musician Jah Prayzah a S500 Mercedes Benz valued at US$180,000.

Additionally, he gifted talented musician and politician Sandra Ndebele with a Mercedes Benz GLE400d worth US$155,000.

DJ Fantan received a Mercedes Benz GLE350d 4matic, valued at US$90,000, as a token of appreciation. Seh Calaz also found himself in possession of a brand new GLE350d 4matic.

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