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Parirenyatwa Hospital Surgeons Successfully Remove Tumour After 17 Years

A team of surgeons at Parirenyatwa Hospital has accomplished a significant operation on Laston Kwinika, a man from Beitbridge who had endured a tumour in his mouth for 17 years.

The patient, Laston Kwinika, will now embark on a journey to relearn articulating certain words and eating habits, as well as choosing his diet.

Despite seeking assistance from various hospitals, including those in South Africa, Kwinika struggled to find the necessary help for his condition.

Following the publication of his story in The Herald, Zimpapers initiated a campaign to raise funds for Kwinika’s treatment, which garnered support from well-wishers.

Last week, he underwent a four-hour surgery led by a surgical team headed by Prof Midion Chidzonga and Mr Wayne Manana.

In an interview at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Kwinika’s wife, Milliet Ndou, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support their family received, as they had lost hope.

Ndou recounted the origins of the tumour and their quest for medical assistance, which led them to various hospitals in South Africa.

She explained how the tumour initially appeared as a small pimple in 2007 and gradually grew over the years. Despite seeking treatment locally and in Bulawayo, their efforts were in vain until they were referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Ndou shared how they struggled financially, selling livestock and receiving support from their community and church, to afford the necessary medical care.

With the intervention of The Herald and the local radio station, they received substantial assistance from well-wishers, enabling them to reach Parirenyatwa Hospital for the life-changing surgery.

Dr Tapiwa Nyakudya, a specialist trainee in oral and maxillofacial surgery involved in the procedure, confirmed that the tumour was benign, bringing hope for Kwinika’s recovery.

Source | ZiMetro


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