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Outrage Over Moves By Discredited Businessman Dilesh Nguwaya To Steal From Harare

The Community Water Alliance has expressed outrage over an addendum to the Joint Venture concession agreement between the City of Harare and Geogenix which will see the local authority paying a further US$2 million for refuse collection.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Community Water Alliance representative Hardlife Mudzingwa expressed worry over the government’s move to force City of Harare to pay the controversial businessman Dilesh Nguwaya owned company huge sums of money at the expense of service delivery.

“Community Water Alliance has expressed concern over what it says were efforts by the government to give unnecessary life to the Joint Venture concession agreement between City of Harare and Geogenix through a proposed addendum where the local authority has to pay over US$2 million for collecting solid waste from suburbs,” said Mudzingwa.

He further revealed that the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works meeting has organized a meeting with City of Harare councilors and staff to force them to accept the addendum.

“The Alliance asserts that this move would incur unnecessary expenses for the local authority, amounting to over US$2 million, for the collection of solid waste from suburbs,” added Mudzingwa.

Expressing further dismay, the Alliance highlights the alarming increase in costs for waste collection imposed on the City of Harare. Under the proposed addendum, the city would be required to pay USD123.92 per ton for waste collection, on top of the existing fee of USD40.00 per ton for dumping waste at the Pomona facility.

According to Mudzingwa, this additional financial burden comes despite solid waste serving as a raw material for the Pomona facility.

Moreover, the Community Water Alliance emphasizes the City of Harare’s disregard for residents’ demands to terminate the Pomona dumpsite deal entirely. The Alliance decries the continued payment to Geogenix by both the city and the government, despite the contractor’s failure to meet contractual obligations outlined in the attached work plan.



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