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Opposition Councillor Assaulted By Zanu PF Affiliates 

Opposition Councillor Assaulted by Zanu PF Affiliates

A disturbing incident of political violence has rocked Chivi District in Zimbabwe, as members of Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), a Zanu PF affiliate, allegedly assaulted Tawedzerwa Runyowa, the lone CCC (Citizens Coalition for Change) councillor for the district.

The assault, which took place in broad daylight in front of parents and school children at Madyangove Primary School, has sparked outrage and renewed concerns about political intimidation and violence in the region.

The altercation unfolded when Runyowa attempted to attend a school meeting at Madyangove Primary, only to be confronted by Kudzai Chidewe, a prominent figure within FAZ, along with two accomplices.

Chidewe and his associates allegedly accosted Runyowa, accusing him of causing trouble for both the community and the ruling party.

According to Runyowa’s account, he was forcibly dragged into a nearby bush where he was subjected to physical assault, including blows with open hands.

Speaking to The Mirror, Runyowa recounted the harrowing ordeal, emphasizing the brazenness of the attack and the distress it caused to himself, parents, and schoolchildren witnessing the violence.

Despite his status as an elected councillor and the importance of his attendance at the meeting, he was forcibly prevented from participating, highlighting the lengths to which political adversaries would go to stifle dissent.

However, FAZ has a history of violence and has been accused of interference in past elections, raising concerns about the integrity of the democratic process in Zimbabwe.

The assault on Runyowa underscores the ongoing challenges faced by opposition candidates in a political landscape often marred by intimidation and coercion.

The case has been officially reported to the Chivi Police station under reference number RRB 5770498.

However, Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, claimed to be unaware of the incident, prompting further scrutiny into law enforcement’s response to political violence in the region.

As the investigation unfolds, Runyowa’s courage in speaking out against the attack serves as a reminder of the resilience of those striving for political change in Zimbabwe.

With elections looming on the horizon, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding democratic principles and ensuring the safety and security of all political actors, regardless of their affiliation.



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