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NSSA Ex-Director Granted Bail In $29,000 Fraud Case

Former National Social Security Authority (NSSA) Investment director Brian Murewa, accused of defrauding NSSA of US$29,000 while overseeing the acquisition of a guest house in Kariba in 2022, has been granted US$500 bail.

Appearing before Harare regional magistrate Mr. Donald Ndirowei, Murewa faces charges of fraud. The court instructed him to surrender his passport and scheduled a return date on May 14 for potential trial proceedings.

The allegations against Murewa stem from misrepresenting the purchase price of the Kariba guest house to NSSA. While NSSA believed the property cost US$240,000, Murewa allegedly arranged the sale at US$215,000, pocketing the difference.

Opposing bail, ZACC Investigating Officer Ms. Brenda Mhuriro argued that Murewa posed a flight risk, noting his absence for 14 months before his recent arrest. ZACC enlisted Interpol’s help, albeit unsuccessfully, until Murewa was apprehended at his Borrowdale, Harare residence.

In defense, Murewa’s lawyer Mr. Tafadzwa Hungwe produced evidence of frequent international travel for medical reasons since the prior year, challenging ZACC’s claim of flight risk.

During cross-examination, questions arose regarding ZACC’s lack of an arrest warrant during the house visit. Mr. Hungwe contended that the seller’s absence of complaints should shift focus to the third-party company handling the transaction.

NSSA, represented by Board and Investments Committee member Mr. Timothy Nherudzo, serves as the complainant. Prosecutors allege that NSSA’s resolution to purchase the Kariba guest house initiated Murewa’s involvement. Acting on NSSA’s instructions, Murewa brokered the deal through Palm Golding, reducing the property’s purchase price.

The court heard that NSSA transferred US$300,000 to Platinum Investments Managers (Pvt) Ltd, with US$252,631.59 designated for the Kariba property purchase. Platinum Investment Managers disbursed US$153,000 to Murewa, of which US$124,000 was paid to the sellers, leaving US$29,000 unaccounted for.

The case will proceed to further hearings as the legal process unfolds.

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