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No One Should Be Allowed to Hold the People’s Struggle at Ransom: CCC

CCC Spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi has emphasized the importance of prioritizing the unity of the people of Zimbabwe over the influence of individuals in the ongoing struggle for a better future.

The tweet underscores the sentiment that no individual, regardless of perceived capability, should be permitted to impede the collective progress of the nation.

Mkwananzi asserted, “It is not the unity of individuals that matters. It is the unity of the people of Zimbabwe under a loyal and faithful leadership that is important.”

This statement implies a call for a united front, focused on a leadership that is committed to the welfare and aspirations of the Zimbabwean people.

The spokesperson further emphasized that no one should be allowed to hold the people’s struggle at ransom, asserting that there are and will be no sacred cows in the pursuit of a better Zimbabwe.

The tweet suggests a departure from the past practice of overrating individuals and urges a collective effort to move forward.

“We have overrated individuals for too long. Let us forge ahead with President Nelson Chamisa,” the tweet continued.

CCC President Nelson Chamisa is highlighted as a symbol of the faithful leadership that is essential for the nation’s progress.

Mkwananzi concluded by expressing confidence in the discernment of the people of Zimbabwe, stating, “The people of Zimbabwe are not fools. They follow and see what is happening.” This suggests an appeal for a more informed and engaged citizenry who actively participate in shaping the future of the nation.-ZimEye


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