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Ngundu Nurse Sentenced To 18 Years For Killing Girlfriend’s Baby During Delivery

In a shocking and tragic case that has gripped the nation, Ngundu nurse Ngonidzashe Mugabe has been sentenced to 18 years in prison by High Court Judge Garainesu Mawadze.

The sentence, passed on Friday, comes after Mugabe was found guilty of strangling and killing his girlfriend’s baby during delivery and then disposing of the body in a pit latrine.

The court proceedings revealed a harrowing sequence of events. Mugabe, who was in an intimate relationship with Diana Rose Mudzingwa, lured her to Ngundu Clinic under the pretext of helping her deliver their child.

However, instead of providing medical assistance, Mugabe took Mudzingwa to a rented place where he played the role of a midwife.

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As Mudzingwa went into labor, she was shocked to witness Mugabe strangling the newborn and obstructing its airways with cotton.

He then drowned the baby in a bucket, wrapped its body in a plastic bag, and callously disposed of it in a pit latrine.

Mugabe’s actions did not end there. After committing the heinous act, he collected an injection from the clinic and administered it to Mudzingwa in an attempt to stop her bleeding.

Subsequently, Mugabe went about his duties at the clinic as if nothing had happened.

The crime came to light when Mudzingwa, despite her frail condition, reported the matter to Ngundu Police Station. Mugabe was arrested, and he led the police to where he had discarded the baby’s body.

During the trial, Mugabe pleaded not guilty, but Justice Mawadze found overwhelming evidence against him.

The judge highlighted Mugabe’s contradictory testimony and actions, stating that they contradicted his age, profession, and credibility.

Mugabe’s defense centered on claims of confusion and fear of losing his job and family reputation.

However, Justice Mawadze dismissed these arguments, emphasizing that Mugabe’s deliberate actions, including the disposal of the body and avoidance of a postmortem, pointed to foul play.

The judge admonished Mugabe for not alerting the authorities and attempting to cover up the crime, stating that a postmortem could have revealed crucial details about the cause of death.

Justice Mawadze concluded that Mugabe’s denial of foul play while acknowledging Mudzingwa’s accusations against him further undermined his credibility.

The case has sparked outrage and raised concerns about accountability and ethics within the medical profession.

Justice Mawadze’s stern sentencing reflects the gravity of the offense and sends a clear message about the consequences of such reprehensible actions.



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