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New Pressure Group Presses Mnangagwa, Calls for Mass Protests

By Political Reporter- A newly established non-partisan pro-democracy grouping, the Progressive Zimbabweans Foundation (PZF), is urging Zimbabweans to participate in extensive protests both within and outside the country to pressure the Zanu PF government into implementing crucial electoral reforms and addressing human rights abuses.

The organisation has started mobilising citizens to voice their demands for urgent reforms, beginning with the closure of the Beitbridge border post and subsequently escalating the protests to Harare.

One of the PZF team members told ZimEye that the closure of the Beitbridge border post would send a signal to the region and attract their much-needed intervention to address the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Beitbridge serves as the Southern African Development Community’s economic entry point from South Africa.

In the event of the success of this planned operation, PZF says the regional actors would force Zanu PF to listen to its citizens and culminate in democratic reforms.
” This is our first step toward bringing Zimbabwe on the regional agenda and inviting the regional blog to see the urgency of the Zimbabwean crisis, which they are deliberately ignoring, and we do not intend to cause any harm to regional trade,” said the official.

The official also said that as an organisation, they are confident that their strategy would work and bring the ruling party to the table with its citizens for the betterment of the bleeding country.

He said they have lined up a series of protests that will take place in all countries where there are Zimbabwe citizens throughout the world.

Source ZimEye


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