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“Ndaona Hukuru HwaMwari” Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria Gratefully Receives $85K GD6 Gift From Wicknell Chivayo

“Ndaona Hukuru HwaMwari” Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria Gratefully Receives $85K GD6 Gift from Wicknell Chivayo

In a heartwarming turn of events, the renowned Sungura Godfather, Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria, received a generous gift from Businessman Wicknell Chivayo who presented Madzibaba with a brand-new 2024 Toyota Fortuner 2.8d GD6 4X4 Luxury valued at US$85,000.

Madzibaba took to social media to express his gratitude, posting a heartfelt message acknowledging the gift and attributing it to the greatness of the Almighty. “I see the greatness of the Almighty God; these are the same things that push me to give glory to the Lord,” Madzibaba shared, reflecting on the blessings and positivity in his life.

Meanwhile, Chivayo, currently in Dubai, shared his excitement on his platforms, congratulating Madzibaba on his new car. In a post featuring the gleaming vehicle, Chivayo captioned it as “Monday Morning Motivation,” extending his best wishes to Madzibaba and highlighting their shared faith by referring to him as a brother in Christ. He also mentioned that Madzibaba’s letter of gratitude was well-received, acknowledging the respect and content conveyed in Madzibaba’s response.

This generous gesture comes after a brief period of social media buzz surrounding an alleged misunderstanding between the two figures. A few weeks ago, Chivayo was criticized on social media for what some interpreted as disrespect towards Madzibaba, stemming from a conversation where Chivayo felt he was indirectly asked to gift Madzibaba a new car. However, Madzibaba promptly clarified the situation through a detailed message directed at Chivayo, denying any such intention and emphasizing mutual respect.

The reconciliation and appreciation exhibited by both parties have been met with positive reactions from fans and followers alike, highlighting the power of forgiveness and understanding in fostering positive relationships.



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