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More ‘Unknown’ Drug Dealers Arrested While The Known Dealers Continue Trading

Zimbabwe Police have once again arrested 28 more drug dealers across the country as they ramp up efforts to curb drug and substance abuse.

However, critics have voiced their 2 cents on the issues claiming that most of the arrested dealers were nothing but a front to hide the known criminals who are dealing drugs at a larger scale.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the most prominent drugs seized in recent arrests are crystal meth, mbanje and a new drug called masca.

A survey done by ZiMetro News crew in Mbare and Highfield over the weekend proved that the most well known names when it comes to drugs is ‘KwaDhama’ in Mbare, and Aunty Gambler in Highfield Mahipisa.

Referring to police statements on December 12 and 19 last year January 22 this year, where police named and shamed drug lords and suppliers, Asst Comm Nyathi said the police were now updating the lists of convicted drug dealers with the latest batch of 28.

Most of the criminals were handed jail terms ranging between12 months to five years, which were a preventive measure to curtail the spread and use of drugs and substances.

But police are now worried about the high rates of women involvement in criminal activity, 13 out of the last 40 arrests, especially in drug peddling.

“It is worrying to note that women are actively involved in such criminal activity. Women are known to be responsible and the nurturers of family bonds, but instead there are some female elements that are bent on destroying that culture,” he said. “It is indeed a great shame to note that they too are part of this list and are serving custodial sentences, instead of raising and caring for their families,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

He said he believed that women’s involvement in the drug trade may be attributed to lack of choice or coercion from men.

“In these male-dominated environments women are often sexually abused, exploited and face rampant threats and victimisation from drug lords, which at times leaves them with no option but to comply,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

He said the continued naming and shaming of drug dealers was aimed at uncovering the criminals while raising awareness about the ongoing fight against drug and substance abuse.

The arrests were done across the country including in rural areas. “The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that through the National Committee on the Elimination of Drugs and Substance Abuse, it will continue naming and shaming drug barons and suppliers in any part of the country,” he said.

“The public is urged to continue forwarding information regarding drug barons and suppliers through the National Complaints Desk number (0242) 703631 or WhatsApp 0712 800 197,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

Government declared drug and substance abuse a national threat and has established a technical committee to address the scourge.

Recent studies done in Zimbabwe show that an estimated 7,1 percent of young people abuse drugs, with the most prevalent drugs and illegal substances being mbanje, crystal meth, skin lighteners, illicit beverages and body enlargement products.

According to the police, the illicit drugs in circulation in the country are classified into the following categories: depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens, narcotics, skin lighteners, body enlargement products, and sex enhancers. Drug abuse is also contributing to the rise in crime.

The latest convicted drug dealers and the drugs they were dealing in are:

Taurai Chitsungo (crystal meth),
Innocent Zanorehamba (crystal meth and Congo dust),
Melody Chikaronga (crystal meth),
Keepmore Sajeni (mbanje),
Ultimo Madziwa (mbanje),
Tendai Chikoore (crystal meth)
Kudakwashe Mangenge (mbanje)
Tafadzwa Muchemwa (cocaine),
Cuthbert Jongwe (unlawful possession of mbanje),
Patience Rambi (crystal meth),
David Kabvara (crystal meth),
Zakaria Mariano (crystal meth),
Anyway Ngona (crystal meth),
Febbie Machangara (crystal meth),
Naison Kabvara (crystal meth),
Leeroy Solomon (crystal meth),
Lindiwe Marume (crystal meth)
Reason Ncube (masca possession),
Pierry Ndlovu (masca),
Kwanda Ngwenya (masca),
Tatenda Sibanda (masca),
Phiwokwakhe Ncube (masca),
Tafadzwa Kanemeya (possession of mbanje),
Terrence Nyandoro (crystal meth),
Emmanuel Majoni (mbanje possession),
Justice Gutsire (possession of unregistered medicines),
Wilson Nyamuka (mbanje)
Barbra Goto (possession of unregistered medicines).

ZiMetro News is still doing surveys in and around Harare to expose the true people behind drugs.



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