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Mnangagwa Claims That His Ancestor Was A Ndebele Warrior

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga revealed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s great-grandfather was among the Ndebele warriors who played a pivotal role in the historic Battle of Pupu in 1893. Speaking at the official commissioning of the memorial site, VP Chiwenga highlighted Mnangagwa’s ancestral connection to the battle, emphasizing the significance of preserving cultural heritage.

President Mnangagwa shared insights into his family’s history, explaining how his great-grandfather, Muvengo, was taken in by King Mzilikazi as a child and raised in the Ndebele court. After participating in the war under the name Muvengo, he returned home and adopted the name Kushanduka, signifying his journey and transformation.

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Vice President Constantino Chiwenga underscored the importance of honoring traditional systems and acknowledged Mnangagwa’s role as a symbol of strength and resilience. He emphasized that the commissioning of the Pupu Battlefield Memorial Site provides an opportunity to accurately portray Zimbabwean history.

The Battle of Pupu, a significant event in Zimbabwean history, saw the clash between colonial forces and the Ndebele Kingdom, led by King Lobengula. The Ndebele forces, led by General Mtshana Khumalo, achieved a decisive victory, wiping out the colonial party led Wilson



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