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Metbank Entangled In Alleged Misappropriation Of Presidential Poultry Scheme Funds as Farmers Face Unpaid Dues for Two Months

Metbank is facing allegations of misappropriating funds allocated to the Presidential Poultry Scheme, leaving countless farmers unpaid for two consecutive months.

The Presidential Poultry Scheme, a crucial component of the Livestock Growth Plan (2021-2025), aims to benefit at least three million households across the country.

The initiative seeks to enhance rural poultry production, elevate rural incomes, and provide households with a reliable source of protein.

Spearheaded by the Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association (ZFRPA), the program has recently encountered setbacks that are causing distress among participating farmers.

According to farmers who reached out to our publication, ZFRPA instructed Metbank to initiate fund transfers over a month ago. However, as of now, these funds have yet to materialize in the farmers’ accounts.

“We approached ZFRPA in December last year, and they informed us that they had instructed Metbank to make transfers on December 8, 2023. Unfortunately, to date, there’s no sign of the funds reflecting on our side,” shared one farmer.

Concerns are escalating among farmers, with suspicions arising that the funds might have been diverted for purposes other than those intended by the Presidential Poultry Scheme.

“We were assured that the delay is not due to ZFRPA lacking credit in its account; rather, Metbank is simply not transferring the funds.

It leads us to suspect that they may have utilized the funds for their own purposes and are now struggling to recover the money,” expressed another farmer who wished to remain anonymous.-ZiMetro


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