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Men Caught With 19 Cattle

In a swift operation, authorities intercepted two suspected cattle rustlers near Bulawayo yesterday morning, foiling their attempt to transport 19 stolen head of cattle from Insiza District.

The bustling scene outside Bulawayo Central Police Station captured the attention of residents as they witnessed the suspects, Edmore Bhibhi (49) and Farai Pambukani (28), along with a truck carrying the pilfered livestock.

Residents gathered around, expressing a mix of anger and satisfaction as the suspects were brought in. Some seized the moment to document the event, taking selfies and recording videos to share the news far and wide.

Inspector Abednico Ncube, the Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, commended the vigilance of an Insiza Rural District Council worker whose timely tip-off led to the arrests. The worker, whose identity remains undisclosed, noticed the suspicious truck late Tuesday evening and took action.

Upon confrontation, the suspects failed to produce legal documentation for the cattle, prompting the council worker to alert the authorities. Despite attempts by the suspects to evade capture by veering off-road, the police, aided by the persistent council worker, swiftly intercepted the truck.

Subsequent interrogation revealed the truck harbored 13 cows and six oxen, valued at approximately US$7,600. Inspector Ncube emphasized the importance of community cooperation in combating stock theft, affirming that Bulawayo will not tolerate such criminal activities.

As the suspects await legal proceedings, this operation stands as a testament to the effectiveness of community vigilance and police responsiveness in safeguarding against livestock theft in the region.


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