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Men Caught Having Tlof Tlof In Toilet

An unexpected incident at a local bar in Beitbridge has captured attention after two men, identified as Ayanda Nkomo (26) and Will Jaricha (28), were caught engaging in intimate behavior in a restroom. Ayanda Nkomo, a stock controller at a prominent beverage company, and Will Jaricha of Nharira, Norton, were fined US$150 each or given 120 days in prison by Regional Magistrate Innocent Bepura following charges of sodomy, with the ruling issued on Tuesday. The accused were represented in court by Matthew Mapepa of Masawi and Partners.

According to the State’s case presented in court, the events unfolded on March 31 at Konka Night Club in Beitbridge. Witnesses reported that the accused were seen drinking beer, and around 11:40 pm, they hugged each other and proceeded to a restroom within the nightclub premises.

Security officers at the night club, Admire Batisai and Nyasha Chinyaure, noticed the unusual behavior of the two men and decided to investigate further. Upon entering the restroom, they discovered Nkomo and Jaricha engaged in kissing and caressing each other, with Nkomo’s penis exposed outside his trousers.

Upon being discovered, Nkomo attempted to flee but was apprehended by Batisai, while Chinyaure detained Jaricha inside the restroom. The authorities were then called, leading to the arrest of both men at ZRP Beitbridge.

The case was prosecuted by Willbrought Muleya, highlighting the legal ramifications and public attention surrounding the incident.

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