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Meet Sheillah Chikomo the New Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Sheillah Chikomo is the new Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade after being elected by President Mnangagwa last week with immediate effect.

She was elected to the National Assembly in the general elections of 2023 and representing the Mwenezi East Constituency for Zanu PF.

She is a member of Parliament for the first time.

The honourable Chikomo, also known by her nickname Sheyz, was born in Triangle on September 18, 1990. As of right now, it is unknown what her marital status is. Before enrolling at Serima High School for her advanced education, she completed her elementary schooling at Gokomere CPS and Berejena School.

Honourable Sheillah Chikomo has completed her postgraduate studies at Wits University, where she earned a doctorate in philosophy, a bachelor’s degree in social science and politics from Monash University, a bachelor’s degree in business science and economics from Monash Malaysia, a master’s degree in international business (MIB) from Monash SA, and a postgraduate diploma in corporate governance.

Politics, justice, foreign policy, mining, education, economics, and trade are among her interests.Regarding political background, Honourable Chikomo served as the Trans Youth League District Secretary.

She is involved in portfolio committees related to youth development, empowerment, and vocational training as well as foreign affairs.

Source ZiMetro


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