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Marondera Woman ‘Rumbidzai Samantha Matemachani’ Arrested After Stealing 18 Cows

A Marondera resident ‘Rumbidzai Samantha Matemachani’ has been apprehended on charges of cattle rustling, after allegedly pilfering an entire herd of cattle.

Rumbidzai Samantha Matemachani stands accused of absconding with 18 cows, subsequently selling them for monetary gain. Inspector Simon Chazovachii, the spokesperson for the Mashonaland East provincial police, confirmed the arrest, emphasizing the seriousness with which the police are addressing such incidents.

“Police have detained a Marondera woman in connection with stock theft,” declared Inspector Chazovachii. “She is slated to make a court appearance imminently.”

The surge in cases of livestock theft has become a significant concern for villagers across various regions within the province. In response, law enforcement authorities urge livestock owners to remain vigilant and ensure the security of their animals.

“We are cautioning criminals who are wreaking havoc on farmers that their unlawful activities will not go unpunished,” asserted Inspector Chazovachii.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police remains resolute in its commitment to apprehend and prosecute all offenders.”

Source | ZiMetro


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