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Mandaza Slams Government Over Harare CBD Road Rehab

Renowned political analyst Ibbo Mandaza has openly criticized the government’s decision to undertake the rehabilitation of Julius Nyerere and Samora Machel Avenues, among others, in the central business district (CBD) of Harare.

Mandaza has labeled the project as a “waste of resources,” expressing his dismay over the prioritization of these particular roads over others in greater need.

In a scathing remark, Mandaza questioned the rationale behind the extensive digging and refurbishment efforts on roads such as Julius Nyerere and Samora Machel Avenues, as well as Leopold Takawira and several others within Harare’s CBD.

“The allocation of resources to these relatively less crucial infrastructure projects represents a glaring mismanagement of public funds,” Mandaza said.

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Mandaza further highlighted the contrast between the government’s focus on these inner-city roads and the deteriorating conditions of major highways across the country.

He said that many main thoroughfares, vital for national transportation networks, are in dire need of rehabilitation and maintenance.

Moreover, Mandaza drew attention to the chaotic traffic situation in and around Harare, attributing it partially to the sudden disruptions caused by the ongoing road works.

He criticized the government for its apparent disregard for public opinion and its failure to adequately inform and prepare motorists for the construction activities.



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