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GOSPEL artist and entrepreneur, Mai Patai, says she will use her role as brand ambassador of Nelly’s Private Home Care to fight dementia.

The facility is owned by Zanele Katomeni-Mhondiwa, a social worker and philanthropist.

Her care centre helps the elderly living with dementia, autism, disability and epilepsy.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mai Patai of the Mazambara fame, said:

“First, I would like to  thank God for His grace.

“I felt honoured and humbled after Mrs Zanele Katomeni-Mhondiwa chose me as their brand ambassador.

“I’m the face of the company, if you see me, you have seen Nelly’s Private Home Care Services, I do marketing and to make sure that whatever Nelly is doing is up to a high level of standard.

“I also partner with other organisations in the health sector.”

She added:

“I have encountered dementia patients and dealt with them, that’s our calling at Nelly’s to deal with people with various health problems such as dementia, epilepsy, elderly people who need a hand, nursing children, disabled people, mentally disturbed people who need care, etc.

“People with dementia need a person with a kind heart, they need our support and care.”

She also has some advice for the home care owner.

“My advice to my Boss Nellys, aka Zanele Katomeni Mhondiwa, is to stay focused on what you are doing because God has seen your heart and called you to help those in need through your nursing company.

“Obstacles may exist but stand firm and pray. 

“Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so stand firm and focused on your vision and goals.

“Right now, we have elderly people we are taking care of, l can’t disclose the numbers and we are looking forward to taking care of numerous people with various age groups, all of whom need nurse care, we are available for them.”



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