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Luke Chimbo Illegal Ivory Dealer Arrested

Luke Chimbo, aged 45, found himself facing the long arm of the law when authorities caught him red-handed with 25 kilograms of illegal ivory, valued at US$4000, at his base in Dzivaresekwa.

Appearing before magistrate Ruth Moyo over the weekend, Chimbo remained silent as the charges were read out against him.

According to court proceedings, detectives from CID Minerals acted upon a tip-off regarding Chimbo’s illegal ivory dealings in Dzivaresekwa. Setting up surveillance, the police observed Chimbo’s activities closely.

In a decisive move, Chimbo hired a scotch cart from Norman Bonjesi, making a visit to S and M Bricks before returning with a conspicuous pink bag.

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Approaching Luke Chimbo, the police identified themselves and proceeded to conduct a search. To their dismay, the pink bag concealed 13 elephant tusks.

Challenged to produce a valid license permitting him to possess the ivory, Chimbo failed to provide any documentation, further incriminating himself.

With the ivory carrying a street value of US$4180, Chimbo’s illegal activities came to an abrupt halt as he faced the consequences of his actions in court.

In another story, Two individuals, aged 27 and 37, made an appearance at the Farara Magistrates Court in Witpoort, situated on the outskirts of Lephalale. They were apprehended on suspicion of possessing illegal cigarettes valued at millions of rands.

The identities of the suspects have not been disclosed. They stood before the court on February 27, 2024, facing charges related to the alleged possession of illicit tobacco products….read in full



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