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Komichi Taints Job Sikhala New Political Project

By Political Reporter- In the aftermath of his release from prison, Job Sikhala’s efforts to establish a broad-based mass democratic movement in Zimbabwe have encountered scepticism due to his alignment with Morgen Komichi.

Critics argue that this association has diluted the momentum Sikhala initially gained upon his release in January 2024.

Sikhala, renowned for his role in launching the MDC-99 party, unveiled his new political initiative during a press conference in Harare on February 8, 2024.

Emphasizing inclusivity, he called for the involvement of various societal sectors, such as civic organizations, students, and the church, in the struggle for mass democracy.

Sikhala distanced himself from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and expressed his intention to address the perceived shortcomings of the MDC.

However, the inclusion of Morgen Komichi in Sikhala’s political venture has stirred criticism.

Some individuals believe that Komichi’s involvement undermines Sikhala’s credibility and support, potentially jeopardizing the success of the movement.

Costa Nkomo, a journalist, questioned the motives behind their alliance, suggesting hidden political agendas that might lead to Sikhala’s failure.

Similarly, Brighton Mutebuka, a UK-based Zimbabwean lawyer, expressed concerns about Komichi’s perceived political bankruptcy negatively impacting Sikhala’s reputation and popularity. Mutebuka argued that Sikhala’s association with Komichi could only deplete his political capital, describing Komichi’s political gospel as hollow and emphasizing the potential risks of aligning with someone who has fallen out of political favor.
Critics underscored Komichi’s past actions, particularly his involvement in undermining Nelson Chamisa’s faction, as a stain on his reputation. They argue that Sikhala should have been more cautious in selecting political allies to avoid potential risks associated with Komichi’s controversial political history.
On the other hand, supporters of Sikhala defend the association, attributing it to personal choice rather than political alignment. They argue that Sikhala’s long-standing friendship with Komichi might have influenced his decision and should not overshadow Sikhala’s past achievements and contributions to the opposition movement in Zimbabwe.
As opinions on Sikhala’s new political project continue to diverge, the alliance with Morgen Komichi remains a focal point of debate, with both critics and supporters closely watching the developments of this unconventional political partnership.



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