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Judicial Service Commission Officer ‘Takudzwa Marlon Muza’ In Bribery Storm!

A bribe is alleged to have been given to a JUDICIAL SERVICE COMMISSION e-filing officer in order to change a High Court ruling.

Today is Takudzwa Marlon Muza’s return court date for bail considerations. Muza is accused of bribery.

Following allegations that he accepted a bribe from Allen Nhamo Bhaswi to modify a High Court ruling, he made an appearance in court over the weekend.

The court heard that Bhaswi obtained a favourable ruling from the Murehwa Magistrates Civil Court in September of last year.

The other party subsequently filed an appeal with the Harare High Court challenging the ruling.

Because he was connected to the judge who would be hearing the case, Muza vowed to help Bhaswi obtain a positive conclusion when he submitted his response at the High Court on Tuesday of last week.

Bhaswi was ordered by Muza to pay US$700, which he claimed would be divided among the judge and other court personnel handling his case.

On Thursday, Bhaswi sent Muza a partial payment of US$350.

When ZACC agents learned of the illegal transaction, they detained the two and took the money from Takudzwa Marlon Muza.

Additionally, they found an identity card from the Criminal Investigations Division that had Takudzwa Marlon Muza’s name on it but a fictitious national identity number.

In a case involving former magistrate Shane Kubonera as a co-accused, Bhaswi made an appearance on an unrelated accusation.

Lawyer Shingirai Nyengere of Harare is the complainant in this case.

The court was informed that when Bhaswi hired Nyengere for legal services in June of last year, they became socially acquainted.

Bhaswi got in touch with Ngengere in September, giving him false impressions that he could help him get a US$60,000 agricultural loan.

Nyengere paid $248 USD to apply for a loan.

Bhaswi cost Nyengere more than $11,000 USD.

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