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Journalists Rally Behind ‘Owen Gagare’ Following Threats By Army Operatives

Journalists have rallied in defense of their fellow reporters who are facing threats from both the military and prominent businessman Wicknell Chivhayo over their investigative articles.

NewsHawks News Editor Owen Gagare is reportedly under constant surveillance by Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) operatives, some of whom have openly threatened him following the release of an explosive report on corruption implicating three top generals.

Meanwhile, Chivhayo is accused of threatening a junior reporter at Sources Media who sought comment from him regarding his fleet of vehicles. The reporter had asked questions about Chivhayo’s distribution of top-of-the-range vehicles to pro-Zanu PF artists.

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) condemned these incidents as direct attacks on the profession, expressing complete displeasure at the attempts to intimidate and silence journalists.

In response to the threats, NewsHawks announced the suspension of all investigations into the military.

The junior reporter reported Chivhayo’s threats to the police, who have confirmed receipt of her report and are handling it at the national headquarters level.

The Young Journalists Association (YOJA) spokesperson, Lovejoy Mutongwiza, highlighted the concerning trend of intimidation tactics used to silence journalists, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety of reporters like Maraire, who faced threats from Chivhayo.



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