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Job Sikhala Puts On Blue-Sky At Court As He’s Sentenced | VIDEO

JOB SIKHALA FINED USD500 AND SENTENCED TO 9 MONTHS IMPRISONMENT WHOLLY SUSPENDED, OVER A LAW NULLIFIED BY THE SUPREME COURT IN 2014.Former Zengeza MP @JobSikhala1 has been fined USD 500 and sentenced to 9 months in prison, wholly suspended, for allegedly violating a law that the Supreme Court nullified in 2014. The law, previously aimed at curbing certain freedoms under the guise of maintaining public order, was deemed unconstitutional and struck down, raising questions about the basis of Sikhala’s charges and the current state of judicial proceedings.

Sikhala, known for his vocal criticism of the government and advocacy for democratic reforms, was charged under the outdated statute, sparking outrage among human rights organizations and opposition supporters. They argue that the case against Sikhala is politically motivated, intended to silence dissent and intimidate others who dare to challenge the status quo. His lawyer, Harrison Nkomo speaks-



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