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“It’s Like Zim 1” – Council Worker Boast Of Being Above The Law As He Terrorize Motorist

A shocking incident unfolded in Harare recently when a council worker driver was caught on camera boasting about being above the law and likening himself to the President’s vehicle, known as “Zim1”.

The incident occurred on Leopard Takawira Avenue, where the driver, seemingly intoxicated, was observed terrorizing motorists while operating a council service vehicle bearing registration number AAE 9113 on March 1, 2024.

Witnesses reported that the driver and his team of workers were cutting off traffic, making dangerous U-turns in the middle of the road, and chasing cars, all while disregarding basic road rules and the safety of other motorists.

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In a shocking display of arrogance and entitlement, the driver was overheard boasting, “Iyi mota inenge Zim1, saka ini motonditi Zim2 nekuti hapana zvandinoitwa and hapana anokwanisa kundisunga,” loosely translated as, “This vehicle is like Zim1, so I’m Zim2 because nothing can be done to me and no one can stop me.”

When questioned by a reporter about his brazen behavior, the driver doubled down, asserting that his uniform and position of authority granted him impunity to act as he pleased.

This disturbing incident sheds light on a broader issue of abuse of power and disregard for the rule of law within certain sectors of society. It highlights the need for comprehensive training and education programs for individuals in positions of authority, particularly those tasked with public service roles.

The reckless actions of this council worker not only endanger the lives of innocent motorists but also erode public trust and confidence in the institutions meant to serve and protect them. It is imperative that swift action be taken to hold individuals accountable for their misconduct and to implement measures to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

As members of the community, we must remain vigilant and speak out against abuse of power wherever it occurs. By holding those responsible to account and advocating for transparency and integrity in governance, we can work towards building a safer and more equitable society for all.

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