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Hwange High School Teacher Jailed 12 Months For Exam Fraud

A 12-month prison sentence has been imposed on a Hwange High School teacher who committed academic fraud by writing three Ordinary Level students’ maths exams for the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC).

A 48-year-old teacher named Mkululi Moyo was found guilty of grave academic misconduct for taking the ZIMSEC Mathematics Paper 2 exam on behalf of the students.

Teacher Found Guilty of Passing the ZIMSEC Exam by Passing as Students

According to the Zimbabwean National Prosecuting Authority, Moyo worked with Mark Bhebhe, an invigilator who made the scheme possible by giving Moyo written response scripts. Bhebhe, who is still at large, was essential in getting the students to receive the phone documents.

Moyo was paid US$150 for his involvement in the scandal. Hwange High School Accused: Headmaster Confirms Teacher’s Complicity The examination fraud was discovered when ZIMSEC examiners noticed irregularities in the handwriting within the answer scripts.

Subsequent investigation identified Hwange High School as the perpetrator of the deception. The investigating team visited the school on March 22, 2024, and the headmaster confirmed that the answer scripts matched the handwriting of Moyo, the accused teacher. Legal Repercussions: Mkululi Moyo was sentenced to twelve months in jail, with four months of that term suspended. Hwange High School teacher

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