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Holy Ten Attacks Tinashe Mutarisi Over Saintfloew’s Management

In a recent development in the Zimbabwean hip hop scene, renowned artist Holy Ten, also known as “Mujaya,” has publicly criticized businessman Tinashe Mutarisi regarding the management of fellow hip hop singer SaintFloew.

The controversy unfolded when Holy Ten took to social media to assert that Tinashe Mutarisi is in possession of SaintFloew’s social media pages. He insisted that Mutarisi should relinquish control of these pages to the artist. This critique arose following a post on SaintFloew’s page praising Jah Prayzah for his contributions to the industry.

Holy Ten went on to question the authenticity of the English used in the post, suggesting that it was not written by SaintFloew himself. He expressed doubts about SaintFloew’s capability to write such fluent English, implying that Mutarisi or his team might be behind the content.

In his post, Holy Ten accused Mutarisi of seeking attention and urged him to refrain from clout-chasing. The artist’s remarks sparked a flurry of responses from followers, with many defending SaintFloew and advising Holy Ten to steer clear of the matter.

“T. Mutarisi Dzoserai mpfana account yake amboitawo zvaanoda. You’re trying too much to be Saintfloew iwewe wacho.You think we can’t tell kuti Saintfloew didn’t type this? This English? Tawanda chaiye? Mukuhwanda nekuti management but deep down you know mukutotsvagawo mbiri. Cooler down,” he posted.

In response to the backlash, Holy Ten reiterated his stance, emphasising that outsiders should not meddle in the affairs of artists and their management. He argued that those who haven’t experienced the challenges faced by artists like SaintFloew should refrain from interfering in their business dealings.

The public exchange between Holy Ten and Mutarisi has ignited conversations within the Zimbabwean music community, highlighting the complexities and tensions that can arise within artist-management relationships. As the situation continues to unfold, fans and industry observers remain attentive to further developments and potential resolutions.

Source | ZiMetro


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