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Harare Women Sentenced for Assault, Public Humiliation

Four out of the five women from the Hatcliffe suburb in Harare, accused of assaulting and publicly humiliating another woman suspected of an affair with a colleague’s husband, will receive their sentencing tomorrow.

Zelpa Kanduza (19), Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo, and Olleyn Vinyungwi pleaded guilty to the assault charges, while Mitchel Kariwo denied the allegations.

They appeared before Magistrate Mr. Gamuchirai Gore and were remanded in custody until tomorrow when the magistrate will deliver the sentence for those who pleaded guilty. Kariwo’s trial is set to begin on February 20.

During proceedings, it was revealed that the four accused are married women. Natasha Kanduza, initially claiming to be 17, apologized for misleading the court after her national identity card revealed she is 20 years old.

In their plea for leniency, the defendants sought forgiveness for their actions against Alice Chaichai.

Mrs. Chaichai, in response, detailed the physical and emotional toll the incident had taken on her health and marriage, urging the accused to clarify the truth to her husband.

Prosecutor Ms. Kenchelskis Ropi presented evidence that on February 1, at around 1 pm in Hatcliffe Extension, the group confronted Mrs. Chaichai at her residence, accusing her of infidelity with Zelpa Kanduza’s husband.

Despite her denials, the group violently assaulted her, dragging her out of her house and stripping her clothes off before leaving her unconscious.

A bystander provided aid and Mrs. Chaichai was later hospitalized and treated for her injuries.

The incident was reported to the police, leading to the arrest and subsequent trial of the accused women.



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