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Knives out for Wise Owl School over fees hike

Harare- MULTICULTURAL private institution Wise Owl Group of schools is at loggersheads with parents over the alleged unjustfied hiking of school fees for 2024 year,Express Zim Can report.

Circumstances are that the school secretariat made a presentation to the School Development Committee (SDC) regards a ‘proposed’ fee hike.Upon a review of the aforementioned presentation, there was general consensus within the SDC and other members that the presentation had inadequate information or basis to warrant a fee hike.The stakeholders then sent out a memo(dated 16 November) to the school detailing their concerns on the line items presented, by the school accountant,as justification for the 35percent fee hike.The proposed hike would leave fees hovering around 2000usd per term from the initial 1500usd.

Express Mail Zim understands that ,in a move parents deemed to go against the need for consultation and inclusivity in decision making ,the school ignored their memo and went ahead to send out letters to parents advising them of the new fee hike.

Subsequently, after a virtual meeting ,parents wrote a letter to the school on the sixth of December revealing their dissatisfaction with the school over the unjustified fee hike amongst many other issues.In the same letter the parents also demanded for an urgent meeting with the Board of Directors.

The proposed meeting was scheduled for the 12th December 2023 but under yet unclear circumstances and at the 11th hour it was cancelled.One irrate parent who spoke to this publication had this to say:

“There was an urgent meeting set for December 12 at 10 am but there was backtracking in the morning when a letter sent to parents,not only cancelling the meeting but affirming the school’s initial upward revised fee structure which was disputed by parents,” said the parent who preferred to remain anonymous .This publication also understands that the school has begun calling certain individual parents trying to victimise them as ring leaders in the revolt against the unjustified fee hike.

Founded in 2001, the school is no stranger to controversy ,not too long ago the group of schools was dragged to court for unlawfully neglecting to pay staff wages and benefits despite the high tuition and absurd developmental(on new students) fees they charge

The complainants were one Wengai Makanyaire and 7 others.
Lately, there has also been a massive exodus of learners from the school for various reasons.

The authorities were at pains to give comment at the time of writing and the administration officials reffered the reporter from office to office.

Source: Express Mail


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