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Security Guard Surrenders Service Pistol To Sex worker As Collateral

A security guard in Mutoko lost his service pistol to a prostitute after failing to pay for her “services”.

The security guard, Evidence Mangonono (27), had hired the woman only identified as Choice and had mjolo with her near a bank where he was guarding.

It is alleged that Choice took the pistol after Mangonono had failed to pay for her services.

Mangonono appeared at the Mutoko Magistrates Courts before magistrate Chiedza Gatsi charged with violating the Firearms Act.

Gatsi initially sentenced Mangonono to a year in prison before suspending the custodial sentence on the condition that he perform 325 hours of community service at Hurungwe Primary School in Murewa.

It was the State’s case that on 07 January 2024, Mangonono drank sex-enhancing herbs with his colleagues and hired the “sex worker”.

He had sexual intercourse with the woman at the back of the bank he was guarding.

Mangonono, however, failed to pay for the service, prompting the woman to take his service pistol as collateral.

The next day his company discovered that his service gun was missing and filed a police report.

Mangonono scrounged for money and later made a follow-up and paid Choice to recover the gun.

The Firearms Act is a law regulating and controlling the possession, sale, repair and manufacture of firearms and ammunition.

It aims to ensure public safety and prevent the misuse of firearms.


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