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Facebook Detective ‘Tafadzwa Chidawa’ Arrested For Theft, Fraud, Smuggling!

ZANU PF’s Epworth South MP, Taedzwa Mutana, faced criticism last week for withholding the corpses of a woman and her two-year-old child at his mortuary for three days due to an unpaid fee of US$300.

The tragic incident occurred when the woman, carrying her baby on her back, was fatally run over at the intersection of Corner Chiremba and Delport Road.

Sources close to the matter revealed that Mutana only released the mother’s body after the deceased’s family managed to gather US$200.

However, he continued to withhold the infant’s corpse, requiring serious negotiations before finally allowing its release. Consequently, the two bodies were laid to rest more than five hours apart.

The controversial decision sparked strong criticism from community members, with some expressing their intent to vote Mutana out in the upcoming election.

One community member emphasized the inappropriateness of having a leader with such a “dark heart” and called for a change in the next election.

“It’s January, and who has US$300 stashed under the pillow for a double disaster of such nature?” questioned another resident.

Additional revelations suggested that Mutana rejected a payment plan proposed by the family, alleging connections to the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

But some residents questioned the logic behind such suspicions, stating, “Do two-year-olds vote? If they were CCC, he missed an opportunity to win them over. Besides, why should he care, considering he holds public office?”

Despite attempts to reach Mutana for comment, these efforts proved unsuccessful.

Source ZiMetro


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