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The ex-Mayor for Masvingo and opposition politician, Advocate Collen Maboke was involved in an accident with a Zanu PF vehicle last night.

Zanu PF youth chairman Darlington Mandebvu who allegedly became violent after the slight side-swipe was seriously injured after an oncoming vehicle came and hit him while he allegedly stood in the middle of the road.

The Mirror understands that Mandebvu was admitted in hospital last night. Another vehicle overturned on the same spot as it allegedly tried to avoid the Zanu PF vehicle which was parked in the middle of the road. The Mirror could not establish the condition of the occupants of the car that overturned at the time of publishing the story.

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The accident happened along Bikita Masvingo Highway near Mutendi Church. Efforts to get a comment from the Police were futile.Maboke however, told The Mirror that he was on his way from his rural home near Nyika in Bikita and the car was being driven by his wife Tariro Maboke and they had one other passenger, Simbarashe Matyei who is Maboke’s relative.”At around 8pm, our vehicle sideswiped a Zanu PF vehicle coming from the direction of Masvingo which had encroached into our lane. The vehicle made a u-turn and blocked our vehicle.

The occupants who looked drunk disembarked and assaulted my wife, myself and Simbarashe,” said Maboke. Efforts to get a comment from Mandebvu were futile.Maboke said as they haggled there was a speeding oncoming vehivle that tried to avoid them and it overturned. Immediately behind it was another vehicle which could not avoid them and it hit the Zanu PF youth chairman. It is suspected that the youth chairman could have suffered broken legs.

Maboke’s vehicle only suffered a broken rear view mirror although he and his relatives have injuries to their faces after allegedly being assaulted with empty bottles.The matter was reported at the Police in Masvingo.

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