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Ex CIO Minister Owen Ncube accused of trying to plant a state agent at Econet

Former head of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Owen Mudha Ncube has been charged with attempting to install a “state agent” at Econet Wireless.

According to political commentator Freeman Chari, the minister’s action is intended to place someone at Econet Wireless with the ability to give the government access to people’s private information.

“When I saw this, I immediately thought, ‘Then you see ZEC and ZANU with all your information, including call logs and transactions.’”

He claims that “people like these are planted to serve a purpose.”

His opinions are a result of a recommendation letter that was signed by Ncube and attempted to persuade Econet Wireless to hire a specific Trevor Chidende going viral on social media.

This sparked discussion over whether a minister might attempt to influence someone’s employment at one of the top telecom companies in the nation.


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