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Drug Dealer Flees From Police

A drug dealer, caught with marijuana and prohibited cough syrups at Beitbridge Border Post, managed to escape amidst the watchful eyes of numerous security officials at Zimbabwe’s heavily guarded border crossing.

Sources reveal that the security personnel, often accused of soliciting bribes from travelers, transporters, bus operators, and shipping agents, have been unable to locate the suspect.

The incident occurred last Thursday, raising suspicions among stakeholders that the officers might have been bribed.

Beitbridge Border Post boasts over 100 security agents from various government agencies.

Acting commanding officer of the Beitbridge police district, Superintendent Philisani Ndebele, confirmed that the driver remains at large.

“The driver disappeared from the scene,” Ndebele briefly told source last week.

However, stakeholders in Beitbridge have pointed out that the incident revealed extensive corruption involving not just police officers but also customs and excise officers, private security guards, and officials from the President’s Department stationed at the border post.

“There are two explanations, that the officers are at the border for something else rather than the country’s security or they colluded with the suspect,” said one Beitbridge resident.

“Ask anyone, there is a heavy presence of security officers from different departments whose sole purpose is to check and arrest smuggling and illegal movement of people across the border. How do you explain that a suspect simply walks away?”

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