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Cyber criminals target Sekuru Kafera, fabricate relocation,occultism claims

Chitungwiza- PROMINENT traditional healer Sekuru Amos Kafera has disowned a social media post purporting that he is moving back to Malawi and asked people he has roped into occultism to return the charms (kuromba) he gave them to enrich themselves,Express Mail Zim can report.
The social media handle said:

“Makadii vazukuru vangu mose kunze ndini wenyu Sekuru Amos Kafera ndinoda kukuzivisai mose kuti muna July ndikudzokera kumusha kwangu nekuda kwekuti muviri wangu hausi kuita mushe,” read the fake post.

In an interview with Express Mail Zim Wednesday Sekuru Kafera distanced himself from the post.

“Matsotsi aya, its not our handle they are criminals.

“They are tarnishing my name, right now Im in Gokwe now and I will come back and clear this mess.

“Handirombese ini and my health is not facing challenges,” said Sekuru Kafere.

Sekuru Kafere has helped a lot of people and is also known for being an advocate of anti-drugs.

He challenged authorities to urgently take action and deal with those that trade in drugs, especially Crystal Meth, popularly known as mutoriro or dombo.

Crystal meth is a highly potent and addictive man made stimulant that can lead to violent behaviour.

“This drug is the worst and it has caused enough damage already,” said Sekuru Kafera.

“Our youths are now stealing just to get high, engage in violence and they no longer have respect for the elderly.

“My plea to government is please stop this nonsense; everyone knows that it is imported from South Africa, put measures to stop it from entering the country.ExpressMailZim


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