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Court delays bail ruling for Timba, 78 CCC activists

HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) faction leader Jameson Timba and 78 party activists will remain in custody after Harare magistrate Ruth Moyo has set Tuesday as the date to deliver ruling on their bail application.

They face charges of participating in an unsanctioned gathering after they were raided at the home of the opposition top politician by police when they had gathered to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

Police also accuse the activists of throwing stones at them when they attempted to arrest them.

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On Thursday, Investigation Officer Panganai Gwati left the witness’s stand telling the court he was rushing to attend to his pregnant wife after testifying.

Prosecutor Thomas Chanakira expressed dissatisfaction with Gwati’s testimony.

Gwati admitted there was no evidence suggesting the group threw stones at armed anti-riot police or knew the witnesses the state planned to call.

Defence lawyers argued the suspects did not commit any serious offence warranting denial of bail.

Source | ZimLive


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