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Coltart Criticises MPs Who Follow Chamisa

 Bulawayo Mayor, David Coltart has openly attacked members of parliament who follow Nelson Chamisa.

Writing on Sunday, Coltart, slammed people who follow Chamisa who recently resigned from the Mnangagwa supported-Sengezo Tshabangu’s CCC party.

Three MPs have resigned to follow Chamisa and Coltart was today saying contestants who lost in the Saturday bi elections did so because many have chosen to follow Chamisa.

“With respect this isn’t factual. These seats went to Zanu because two distinguished MPs resigned of their own accordd…Whilst of course Tshabangu was a contributing factor democrats handed these seats to Zanu PF on a platter,” wrote Coltart.

He was supported by the Tshabangu MP, Chalton Hwende who wrote saying, “Thank you David we must always be truthful!! If they resigned in solidarity with President Chamisa why did the so called blue movement field candidates that they were lying that President Chamisa has endorsed them ?

“They even added his picture. Lies and deception must Stop.”

But, Human Rights Director, Comfort Dondo asked saying,” David Coltart, is this not evidence you are endorsing Mnangagwa’s lawlessness as you say Chamisa’s MPs must remain in that unlawful parliament, and as a lawyer, are you not clearly campaigning for what the the IPU has ruled must be reversed, which has gotten people like Bishop Masaya killed? What miracle will you do to reverse the criminality that’s eating Zimbabwe right now as you fail to resign: to do what all other real revolutionaries- PF & ZAPU resigned from Rhodesia/Mzorewa engagements in 1975-7 and created a revolution; Tsvangirai resigned from elections in 2008 and froze the whole continent.

“Are you greater than these revolutionaries as @advocatemahere asks…?”


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