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Chiwenga’s New Wife Pushes-Out Marry Mubaiwa From Miss Zimbabwe Leadership

Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi-Chiwenga, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s new wife, has snatched Miss Universe Zimbabwe’s leadership from Mary Mubaiwa.

This announcement comes amidst a backdrop of transitions within the pageant scene, notably with Baloyi-Chiwenga seizing the position from the embattled ex-wife of Chiwenga, Marry Mubaiwa, who still holds the Miss World Zimbabwe license.

Baloyi-Chiwenga’s appointment marks a resurgence for Zimbabwe on the international pageant stage, following a hiatus.

Last year saw Brooke Bruk Jackson representing Zimbabwe at the Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador, signaling a return for the nation.

The recent launch event for the upcoming edition of Miss Universe Zimbabwe showcased Baloyi-Chiwenga, who expressed admiration for Brooke Bruk’s performance.

Beyond her newfound role in the pageant world, Baloyi-Chiwenga is recognized as a multifaceted figure.

A 46-year-old army colonel, she operates upscale boutiques under the brand Style By Minnie in Harare.

Renowned for her linguistic prowess, she is fluent in several languages, including Mandarin, French, and Zulu.

Additionally, she serves as a government linguist, Chinese translator, and lecturer in Mandarin for various institutions in Zimbabwe.

Ironically, the previous holder of the Miss World Zimbabwe license, Marry Mubaiwa, finds herself entangled in legal battles, including allegations of attempting to murder Vice-President Chiwenga during his medical treatment in South Africa.

Mubaiwa’s tenure in the pageant realm has been contentious, marked by accusations of holding the pageant at ransom and involvement of military and political figures, detracting from its glamour.

As Zimbabwe anticipates the upcoming Miss Universe Zimbabwe edition, all eyes are on Miniyothabo Baloyi-Chiwenga as she embarks on her new role, steering the pageant into a vibrant and promising future.



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