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Chivayo Speaks On Why He Denied Shadaya An Aqua

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chavayo has set the record straight regarding why social influencer Shadaya Night was not awarded an Aqua yesterday.

This comes after Chivayo awarded 6 Aqua vehicles to Zimbabwean bloggers yesterday.

According to Chivayo, he will not give Shadaya a vehicle because he does not respect women, as stated in his post on X and other social media platforms.

“Hanzi na Shadaya LEARN OR PERISH… Chiya chinonzi Shadaya chibaba Dai asingazo nyanya kuzotuka MADZIMAI kana AQUA anga aine kodzero yekupihwa… He’s a LEGEND in his own right.”

Reacting to the post, this is what Shadaya’s fans had to say

Paul Muchemwa:

“Looks like we have people advising Shadaya to take that Aqua on Twitter.

Let’s settle it then once and for all. Retweet if you think Shadaya must refuse anything to do with that Wiknel bribe because of his influence. Like if you think he must get the ride and sell his Voice.”

Prophet Dr. Cde Madzibaba Adamski Jahm:

“One thing for certain is @Shadaya_Knight will never accept a gift from another man. Not a freebie from a fat lazy thieving cunt like Bzambarafuta!”


Shadaya right now: “Sorry Sir Wicknell handichatuke vakadzi mulife mangu😭..”

In other news: Cephas Mashakada’s widow, Eunice, thinks Wicknell Chivayo should also consider widows, whose husbands had a huge part in creating the local musical business, when it comes to his humanitarian endeavours.

All that she wants are merely 1000 chicks to launch a project.

Chivayo has been distributing automobiles, including top-of-the-range vehicles, to local performers in the previous few months.

He has also paid up a large sum of money to these musicians.

Mai Mashakada claims widows have been kept out of the feast even though their late spouses had a tremendous effect on the local musical industry…read full article



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