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Chivayo Breaks Silence On Embarrassing Divorce

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has broken his silence regarding his highly publicized divorce from Sonja Madzikanda.

Last year, on his birthday anniversary, Chivayo shared a cryptic message that left many puzzled, including the media outlet H-Metro, prompting the headline: “WICKNELL, WHAT DID YOU REALLY MEAN?”

In the now-deleted post, Chivayo expressed gratitude towards his two children, emphasizing their unconditional love without any financial expectations.

“The only two living people that love me unconditionally,” he wrote alongside a picture of his children, adding, “The rest makateya mari ndiri kukuzivayi hangu.” This statement stirred speculation that individuals outside his immediate family were only interested in financial gain from their association with him.

When questioned about the post, Chivayo dismissed any hidden meanings, asserting it was merely a caption with no underlying messages.

However, with the recent dissolution of his seven-year marriage, questions arise as to whether his estranged wife, Sonja, was included among those he believed had ulterior motives.

Speculation intensified when Chivayo’s post coincided with Sonja’s apparent omission of a birthday message to him. Now, in hindsight, many are revisiting these messages, pondering if they overlooked warning signs of marital discord.

Social media erupted with mixed reactions, indicating that Chivayo’s post may have carried weightier implications than initially perceived.

Despite the turmoil in his personal life, Chivayo has portrayed an image of contentment in recent months, lavishing gifts and monetary donations upon acquaintances, including artists and church leaders.
Notably, amidst the divorce news, Chivayo continued his generous streak, gifting musician Sniper Storm a new car.

This gesture, coupled with his seemingly unaffected demeanor, has left many puzzled about the true state of affairs behind the scenes.

As the public awaits further developments, Chivayo’s cryptic messages serve as a reminder of the complexities that often lie beneath the surface of a seemingly charmed existence.



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