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Chitungwiza Family Spends 2 Months Living In Raw Sewage!

Living with raw sewage running through their home for the past two months has been a nightmare for a family in Chitungwiza’s Zengeza 4 New Stands community.

Employees of Chitungwiza Town Council, according to the Guwuriro family, are to blame for the issue since they allegedly destroyed a pipe near their home.

They contend that despite their best efforts, the Council’s workers have shown little interest in helping them solve the matter.

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The family worries that cholera would strike them severely.

Says Dylan Guwuriro:

“This raw filth that emerges from our homes is what we have to deal with on a daily basis. “There’s no water, which makes it worse,” Dylan remarked.

“Despite our reports to the Council, nothing is being done, and as a result, we now constantly live in terror when it comes to health-related issues.

“The Council was contacted, but they never addressed the issue.

Since the municipality is the one who initially created the problem, we want them to come and take care of it.

“They damaged our sewer when they were here fixing another one that had burst at another house.

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Since then, they have refused to have it fixed.

“We are told by a very impolite employee over the phone that kuti mukarwara munoenda kuchipatara monorapwa.”

The Town Council of Citungwiza was unavailable for comment.



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