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Chipo The Troublecauser Receives Bail, Eases Legal Worries

Social media personality, known widely as Chipo The Troublecauser, can breathe a sigh of relief as she awaits her court proceedings from the comfort of her home this weekend, having been granted bail following her arrest for assault in Harare. The incident arose from a clothing deal gone sour, shedding light on the complexities that can accompany online fame.

Chipo, whose legal name is Donna Chasaya, along with her sister Candice and another individual named Everlyn Chandengenda, appeared before Magistrate Lynn Chizhou to face charges related to the altercation. The trio was released on bail, each required to post US$50, a symbolic yet necessary step in navigating the legal process.

The situation unfolded dramatically at Avondale Police Station, as exclusively revealed , where Chipo’s arrest occurred. It’s alleged that a confrontation erupted between the accused and Precious Chigodora, the complainant in the case, leading to physical violence.

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According to reports presented in court, Chigodora encountered the trio while on her way to Belgravia shops. What began as a chance encounter quickly escalated when Chipo confronted Chigodora, accusing her of damaging her reputation on Facebook. The exchange spiraled into a physical altercation, with Chipo allegedly pushing Chigodora to the ground and subsequently kicking her, while Candice and Chandengenda reportedly joined in the assault.

The root cause of the conflict traces back to a dispute over a clothing transaction that soured between Chipo and Chigodora. Allegations suggest that Chipo had acquired clothing items on credit but failed to honor her payment obligations. As tensions flared, Chipo purportedly returned some of the clothing to Chigodora, exacerbating the discord between the parties involved.



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