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Chin’ono Hails Thomas Mapfumo For Rejecting Chivayo’s Car And Home Gifts

Prominent investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has commended Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo for turning down controversial businessperson Wicknell Chivayo’s car and home gifts.

Posting on his social media pages, Chin’ono said that Mapfumo has shown that he is principled.

He wrote:

Thomas Mapfumo has shown that there are still principled people out there after he rejected gifts worth US$500k from the crooked one.

Thomas Mapfumo even rejected a house in a world where some people now live in mental squalor with immoral and corrupt minds.

Many don’t care that they are taking cars bought with money meant for hospitals, schools, roads, clean drinking water etc.

They have selfish and corrupt minds and only think about their greedy selves and nobody else!!

Their minds are bankrupt and see nothing wrong with praising convicted crooks and criminals stealing from them as Mbinga.

In such a world, it is worth noting the ethical actions of the few like Mapfumo and Shadaya who still have a moral compass and are resolutely principled.

The importance of integrity, principles, and standing against corruption can never be overemphasised, it is the heart and soul of a fair society, one which doesn’t steal from the poor and throws crumbs at them in exchange for immoral applause.

An ethical stance in rejecting gifts that were bought through corrupt means is a powerful statement about the courage to act on one’s principles.

Unshakable and uncompromised, Mukanya to the world!

Shadaya Knight, also known as Tawona Knight Shadaya, is a popular Zimbabwean social media personality and self-proclaimed anti-feminist.

A holder of a degree in Development Studies from the Midlands State University, Shadaya is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Chivayo recently said he would not give Shadaya a car because of his abrasive nature, particularly towards women.

Shadaya, in response, posted an emoji of a car being thrown into a trash can, indicating his lack of appreciation for Chivayo’s observations.

Speaking exclusively to Nehanda Radio on Monday, Mapfumo firmly denied allegations that he accepted an enticing offer Chivayo saying “I’m not that type to be bribed like that.”

Mapfumo said he was surprised to receive a phone call from Chivayo before he went to bed on Sunday evening. He said:

Yes I know he likes my music. He called me before I went to bed and told me he was in New York on a visit. I asked him how his family was and that was that.

It seems that Chivayo captured a screenshot of his phone call with Mapfumo, which several bloggers are now using to falsely assert that Mapfumo initiated the call, even though that was not the actual situation.



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