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“Chidhoma Chinonzi Sengezo Tshabangu” – Ostallos Speaking At Rally

In a new video being circulated online, Gift Ostallos Siziba, accuses Zanu Pf of using Sengezo Tshabangu as a puppet and destroying the peoples party CCC.

Ostallos went on to bash Tshabangu as a Tokoloshi who is about to be dumped after being used by the ruling party.

Who is Sengezo Tshabangu?
Sengezo Tshabangu is a Zimbabwean politician.He is the self imposed/appointed interim Secretary General of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) In October 2023, he recalled fifteen parliamentarians and seventeen councilors, including Masvingo’s mayor, citing they were no longer party members in October.

He went on to recall a further nine councilors, including Harare mayor Ian Makoni and his deputy on 9 November 2023.

Tshabangu was a member of the Movement for Democratic Change.

He was part of the group that split from Tsvangirai in 2014, to form the People’s Democratic Party, led by Tendai Biti. He rejoined the mainstream Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance when the alliance was formed ahead of the 2018 harmonized elections.

He attended the meetings of the MDC Alliance key bodies that rebranded the MDC Alliance as it stood on 21 and 22 January 2022 as the Citizens Coalition for Change and adopted the alliance constitution as the constitution of the CCC.

Sengezo has recalled fifteen parliamentarians and twenty-six councilors as of 9 November 2023.

Recently, a lady called Mavis Tshabangu Chilenji, a former secretary in the office of Emmerson Mnangagwa claimed that Sengezo is her son with the current president.

He further recalled 52 more councilors from 15 local authorities.

Source ZiMetro


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