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Prophet Chari Threatens to Hack H-Metro After Being Shamed!

DISGROUPTED Prophetic Evidence of Grace Family International Church Chari has vowed to take down the journalist who documented the altercation at his service, nicknamed “Record Breaking Friday,” and hack the H-Metro website.

Prophetess Hadassah sought her car from the prophet, which resulted in violence.

Prophetess Hadassah and her group, according to Prophet Chari, were “refugees” who he held at his mansion for five months after they refused to live in their one-room home without couches.

He accused them of being responsible for the attack on an H-Metro journalist in a post on his Facebook timeline.

Prophet Chari made a vague threat regarding the recording of the video of the Friday altercation at his church when he visited the H-Metro newsroom yesterday and demanded to see the story’s author.

Prophet Chari also threatened to hack the H-Metro website. “Yes, the story had the facts of what transpired, but I was totally disturbed by the video footage that showed the assault.

“I want to deal with the writer so that if he was paid to cover the drama he will not do the same to other men of God to come,” said Prophet Chari.

He said Prophetess Hadassah told her that the story was published without her consent and sought forgiveness over the whole issue.

“My mobile phone broke and I had to visit Ximex Mall for another shatter glass and this is where I am right now,” said Prophet Chari.

“Prophetess Hadassah is coming to meet me to make peace with me. I will seek her permission first if she wants you to be there, but I do not like drama.

“I am going to give my response on one of my social media platforms, but not on my ministry Facebook page.

“If you give me the contact numbers of the people who phoned you, it will help me decide whether to continue giving my response on my Instagram or not,” he said.

Prophet Chari locked his ministry Facebook page for comments following some attacks he received from people.

A number of people who followed the video footage recorded by H-Metro on the day in question attacked Prophet Chari for assaulting his wife, only identified as Anesu



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