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Change Unstoppable : Chamisa

By Advocate Nelson Chamisa

We must reaffirm our commitment to building a society grounded in ethical principles. We need a moral revolution, reformation of manners and values reset- a new civilization!We need polite souls.

We must treat each other with respect, love our neighbours and protect the innocence of our young ones by saying no to child marriages or abuse.Let’s drive out hate and selfishness. Let’s look out for the weak amongst us and prioritize clients’ needs in all professions.

Together, let’s foster mutual respect between civil service professionals and the citizens. We must be a society of and with standards.Change is coming.

Change takes everyone to play their part. Changes comes when we are intentional and deliberate about it. Let’s take action on what’s within our control. Change demands effort.

We just don’t need the change of faces but that change of heart. We need a software change not just a change of the hardware. It’s the soft issues most!We’re pivoting to happiness.

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