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CCC Condemns Inhumane Tax on Visually Impaired Individuals

In a shocking move, government has recently imposed a 15% tax and an additional 5% customs duty specifically targeting visually impaired individuals, a decision that has drawn strong criticism from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Describing the measure as “inhumane and heartless,” the CCC has denounced the government for burdening the already suffering citizens of Zimbabwe with additional taxes, especially those with disabilities.

The new tax policy has sparked outrage among advocacy groups, as it directly affects visually impaired people who already face numerous challenges in their daily lives.

The CCC argues that, given the economic hardships and anti-people policies already in place, imposing further financial burdens on the most vulnerable members of society is unacceptable.

“This move is a clear manifestation of the regime’s audacity to intensify the economic burden on the citizens, showing a complete disregard for the welfare of the people,” stated CCC.

“Visually impaired individuals should not bear the brunt of such insensitive policies. It is unjust, unfair, and must be rescinded with immediate effect.”

The CCC firmly believes that such discriminatory taxation goes against the principles of equality and human rights.

The organization is calling for the immediate reversal of the imposed tax on visually impaired individuals and demands that their rights be protected without any form of discrimination.

“It is imperative for the regime in Harare to address this issue promptly and provide relief to those adversely affected by this unjust tax. Our society should be built on inclusivity and compassion, not on policies that further marginalize and discriminate against people with disabilities,” CCC added.

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